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The Stone Independent Summer Film Series!

The Stone Independent School is proud to host a summer film series entitled "The Death of the American Hero and the Decline of American Power" in three "Westerns" -- Shane, Unforgiven and Logan.

The series concentrates on three iconic American films that more or less fall under the rubric of “Western.” Westerns specifically, and American films in general, are arguably the most recognizable and most ubiquitous representation of American culture. Because they are so prevalent, they essentially symbolize American hegemony around the world.

Shane, produced in 1953 and based on the 1949 Jack Shaefer novel of the same name, tells the story of conflict over land in the burgeoning, post-Civil War American west and depicts the harsh realities of pursuing “manifest destiny.” The classic Clint Eastwood western, Unforgiven, made thirty years later, lets us in on a secret about the decline of the unimpeachable American hero, and James Mangold‘s Logan, which comes to us in 2017, depicts the crumbling of the hero archetype altogether. One way to frame a conversation about these films both individually and taken as a unit might be in the form of the following question: What does the presumed arc of these films say about the trajectory of American power, as manifest through the lurid decline of the famed American hero?

We will consider these and other questions with our esteemed panelists from Millersville University: Jill Craven, chair of the English Department, and Matt Johnson, professor of film.

Join us at the Stone Summer Film Series, Thursday evenings at 6:30, June 29, July 6, July 13. With: Jill Craven and Matt Johnson of Millersville University; hosted by George Hunter and Sam Schindler of the Stone Independent School.  Tickets are free, but tickets are limited -- click here to reserve your spot at any of our three showings.  

Mike Simpson