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Now Seeking: 7th - 12th Grade Students Ready To Begin The Work of Their Lives

Here's a question I've never heard a student at The Stone Independent School ask:

When will I ever need to know this in the 'real world'?"

Two years ago, we opened an extraordinary school that is committed to inspiring work that matters.  Every day on our campus Stone students are asked to solve complex problems, practice design-thinking skills, and collaborate in purposeful ways. Our students pitch business ideas to local VC’s, they write position papers for local policy-makers, they code in python, they study urban planning, they work regularly with City Hall, one time they built a 20 foot trebuchet so that they could fire watermelons at a used car.

Every day at Stone our students design, build, and exhibit work that matters.  The reason they never ask “When will I ever need to know this in the 'real world?” is because everything they do happens in the “real world”.

This Sunday, August 11th at 2pm, I'm hosting an Open House at Stone and I’d be grateful if you’d consider sharing this invitation with any student you know between 7th - 12th grade ready to begin the work of their life.  The Open House lasts about 45 minutes and during those 45 minutes I’ll talk about how we’ve founded a school that basically has only one rule: “do great work”, why we agree with the World Economic Forum that skills matter in the 21st Century more than content, and why problem-based education is better college prep.

Tickets for the information session are free and can be found at this eventbrite, but if you'd rather schedule a private tour please email us today at

Lastly, I’d like to share with you one question I do get asked all the time. 

Nearly every day, I get asked -- by parents, by small business owners, by innovative thinkers -- why Stone didn’t exist when they were in high school.  We've built the school of our dreams here at Stone, and if you’d ever like to tour a school different than just about anything else in Pennsylvania, I’d be honored for the opportunity to show you around

With so much thanks,

Mike Simpson, Head of School

Mike Simpson