The Stone Independent School
Education is not preparation for life -- education is life itself.
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Welcome From The Head of School


“What’s the first thing you notice about Stone?”


Honestly? That it’s loud.

There aren’t “typical days” here at Stone because the Stone Independent School isn’t a typical school.  On any given day, a Stone student might triangulate rocket launches to study trigonometry, pitch a business idea to a local investor, meet with her House to get tactical for Stonehunt, give a presentation to a State senator on immigration policy, spend 45 minutes using a table saw to cut pieces for a trebuchet, and hop in a car to head to a swim meet.

My favorite Stone syllogism — and I will admit to having borrowed this from the great Emily Jones of the Putney School — is that by and large, the Stone student who is engaged in good work will rarely have the experience of being told what to do.  The Stone student who is engaged in her work will experience deep engagement in a remarkable array of interdisciplinary actives, while connecting meaningfully to Lancaster city, while partnering with a faculty who cares profoundly about her commitment to great work, while understanding the purpose of the work she is doing.

While laughing a whole lot too.

We have spent four years building a community committed to inspiring work that matters, and I invite you to come over to Stone and see it in action.  It takes about a minute to realize Stone isn’t like any other school in Lancaster — it looks different than other schools, it operates differently than other schools, it generates different kinds of work than other schools — and it only takes another minute or two to see why our students feel so connected to our school and so committed to our culture.

Because at Stone, their work matters.

If you’d like to connect, please don’t ever hesitate to email me directly at  And please don’t ever hesitate to connect with our community — we’ve built something pretty powerful over here at Stone, and we’d be grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

With so much thanks,

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Stone At a Glance: