The Stone Independent School

Work At Stone.

Work at Stone


It takes a special kind of teacher to work at a school like ours.  

Working at a great independent school can be hard.  

Working at a start-up independent school is a whole different thing altogether.

The faculty at Stone is comprised of innovative educators who like to ask "why" -- about pedagogy, about school culture, about education.  Stone Faculty are experts in their field, they believe schools can be bigger and more creative endeavors, they are flexible and joyful, they are committed to social justice, and they laugh an awful lot.  Stone faculty get to work early, stay late, collaborate across Lancaster, coach the bowling team, help paint classrooms, work in our community garden, serve lunches and attend (very small) school dances and run clubs and travel around the world.

And they love to collaborate -- with their colleagues, with their students, with their community.

We're not hiring right now, but we're always listening.  We want to connect with educators who see employment at a very small, very creative start-up school as the opportunity of their career.  With educators who have big ideas about schools, who are open to a dynamic vision for what a school can be, who love being in a classroom, who laugh a lot, who want to create joy, who understand that it takes a whole lot of work for a school like this to...well, "work".  

If you're interested in a career at Stone, be sure to read our mission statement.  If you want to understand us better, be sure to consider:

If you're still interested in discussing a career at Stone, email Mike Simpson ( and Abby Kirchner (  Be sure to tell us in the body of your email what you'd contribute to Stone; if you have one, please include a CV.