The Stone Independent School
Education is not preparation for life -- education is life itself.



Inspiring Work That Matters.

Now accepting applications for 7th - 12th grade students ready to begin the work of their life.


 What Makes Stone “Different”?

1. We believe in “real world”assessment.

We don’t measure seat time, we measure deep learning.  Our students wrestle with "Big Questions" every day, our students develop the kinds of collaboration and design thinking skills they need to ideate, prototype, and problem solve.  Our students never ask “when will I need to know this in the real world?” because everything they do connects back to real world outcomes.  

2. We believe that better schedules makes better schools.   

Jam-packed academic schedules lead to superficial work.  Our unique schedule is designed to foster innovation, exploration, and rigor while minimizing the “busy work” and excessive homework assignments that harm students and stunt intellectual growth.

3. We believe “failure” is good.  

We practice design thinking in everything we do -- that means a lot of post-it notes, a lot of brainstorming, a lot of prototyping, and a lot of “good failure”.  Around Stone, we like to say, “Fail fast, and fail well.”  

4. We believe in better college preparation.

In an era where 57% of all graduating seniors have the same grades, similar transcripts, and a nearly-identical activities list, we believe students deserve authentic differentiation that truly reflects who they are and who they will become -- on a campus, in a workplace, on a team.

5. We believe in choice.  

We offer “all the usual core classes,” plus rocket science, engine maintenance, eSports, dog-sledding, art history in Italy, small business design, hydroponics,, trebuchet construction, forensic accounting, and many other unique curricular options. 

6. And we believe in our students.  

Our students may leave campus during free periods, our students serve on our admissions committee, our students write school policy.  We believe that “culture beats strategy” here at Stone, and our culture is founded on a profound level of trust in our students.

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