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Notes From Stone

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January Open House at Stone!

At Stone, our students do it all. They read Walt Whitman, and build trebuchets, and study economics, and repair car engines, and write business plans, and study Chinese, and participate in local politics, and write code in css, and serve their community. This year Stone students will compete in PIAA District and State Playoffs and also in a national e-Sports League; they'll go dog-sledding in Minnesota and drive across the country in a school van and fly to Italy to study Art History; they'll open and run a coffee shop and grapple with Calculus and prepare for the SAT and write (a lot).

And have a lot of fun doing it all.

We'd love to tell you how it all works -- about our schedule, our curriculum, our unique approach to assessment -- so please join us on January 20th at 2pm and learn why true project-based learning is the real differentiator in 21st century college admissions!

We request that you sign-up via eventbrite, but drop-ins are welcome.

Mike Simpson